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GoldenSource makes it easy to manage critical reference, market and risk data. We offer integrated Enterprise Data Management (EDM) software solutions for the securities and investment management community. GoldenSource EDM is optimized for the next wave of business, operations and IT needs, addressing the evolving demands of multi-regulatory compliance and reporting, harmonized data across the organization, and productivity gains through automation and IT rationalization. GoldenSource is a proven supplier of on-premise and platform-as-a-service EDM solutions to the world's financial institutions. Our innovative products create, maintain and distribute trusted golden copies of critical data sets. Our unique data model covers all financial instruments, customers and counterparties, and extends to transactions and positions. The ability to connect, organize and aggregate trusted information reduces risk, drives better decisions and helps our customers achieve their goals. GoldenSource solutions are used by forward-looking banks, brokers, investment managers and service providers to achieve tactical departmental goals and strategic enterprise objectives.