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A successful data project is defined by more than simply meeting prescribed deadlines or staying within budget. It's about delivering accurate, timely information that is fit for your intended business purpose. Trillium Software is absolutely dedicated to both - successfully meeting your project goals and getting the information right. We offer a comprehensive set of education courses, conveniently available on-line, at our site, or at yours. Our professional services team will expertly guide you from project scoping to execution, and measurement to best practices. Consulting services can be delivered to you a la carte or bundled together. If you look more closely at the substance behind our menu of service offerings. you will find a seasoned team of data quality experts who are willing to go above and beyond your expectations to ensure your project is a success.

Data Intelligence and Governance

Increased transparency of the financial disclosure process requires that all underlying data meet emerging governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements. Banks must re-evaluate aspects of their lending strategies and dig into the real data within the various classes of risk.