Cut the Cord on Market Data: Embrace the Power of the Cloud

Cloud computing has reshaped the consumption, analysis, management, and distribution of market data. Market participants still using decades-old, non-cloud-based market data platforms are likely missing trading opportunities, and most certainly spending more than they should on data or infrastructure they don’t need or won’t use. As the digital transformation of capital markets continues increased use of mobile devices, more automated trading, seemingly endless sources of data—keeping up is all but impossible without putting the cloud to work.

This white paper includes research from Greenwich Associates on the current trends in the financial industry regarding market data spending and planned adoption of the cloud for market data management as a replacement for on-premise legacy technology. Additionally, this white paper dispels the myth that the cloud cannot handle real-time market data, provides a list of key questions that should be asked of any market data cloud vendor and identifies numerous benefits of moving market data management to the cloud.