Restoring the markets in a financial crisis - the 2012 capital markets report

The current uncertain economic, business and financial climate has drawn into sharp relief a number of significant issues which have dogged the capital markets for some time - issues such as the availability of finance, the efficacy of the IPO model, and the appropriateness of both the regulatory regime and the corporate governance architecture for quoted companies.

As such, the capital markets landscape in the UK is characterised by difficult issues, challenging conditions and less than obvious solutions. Given this backdrop, DLA Piper conducted analysis of UK capital markets, in an effort to address some of the specific issues and challenges faced by UK enterprises.

Based on contributions made by over 100 senior corporate decision-makers and professional advisors, this white paper highlights the key issues for consideration and implementation by potential entrants to the markets, existing issuers and market participants. It provides a stark assessment of the challenges ahead and the priorities that need to be addressed if the UK capital markets, and the various elements of the regulatory environment which underpin them, are to function effectively in the future.