AI Use-Cases Emerge Across the Back Office

For as long as anyone working in the capital markets can remember, the front office has generally fared better than the middle and back offices when technology budgets are planned and allocated. This is with good reason: the front office has traditionally been the part of the business focused on revenue generation and ensuring that the company coffers remain healthy.

However, in recent years, the back office has started to reap rewards as the operational heart of the business, as both sides of the industry look to manage their fixed operating costs, increase automation and improve transparency across a range of back-office functions. For many, artificial intelligence (AI) technology holds the key to achieving those goals.

This white paper, based on a survey carried out by WatersTechnology on behalf of SmartStream, explores increased interest from firms on both sides of the industry around the development and deployment of AI technology across their back offices, specific usecases for the technology and how capital markets firms can go about making the business case for its adoption.