Centralized Data Hubs: The Key to Cracking the Data Quality Conundrum

For years, given its importance to every business process and decision undertaken by market participants, data has been likened to the lifeblood of the financial services industry. Just like bad blood, poor-quality data undermines firms’ abilities to operate optimally in what has become an intensely competitive and unforgiving landscape.
This survey report focuses on the extent to which financial services firms suffer from suboptimal data, the degree to which they acknowledge their shortcomings and the steps they have taken or are considering to remedy the situation. It also sheds light on the specific business processes most affected by poor-quality data, such as the practical measures financial services firms can implement to not only improve the overall quality of their data but also ensure that it is well managed, maintained and centrally located so that those parts of the business that need to access it can do so with a minimum of fuss.