A layer above: Gauging cloud's latest promise for financial services applications

Cloud technology’s presence is booming, though few firms are cloud-native and its adoption has mainly been incremental. IBM undertook a survey in association with Risk.net exploring themes such as firms’ general progress towards cloud transformation, in which departments firms intend to utilise cloud technology, and what factors are likely to accelerate cloud adoption.

The researched obtained insights from over 100 global respondents from investment banks, capital market participants, investment managers and institutions who have assessed their own state of cloud adoption, identified the areas where, and reasons why, they remain cautious, and shared their outlook for critical risk-related analysis and risk data management moving to the cloud in the future.

This whitepaper provides an in-depth analysis of the research findings.

Topics covered include:
• Cloud transformation progress.
• Enablers of cloud adoption.
• Barriers to cloud adoption.
• Key decision makers in the cloud adoption process.
• Risk applications – cloud as force multiplier.
• Engaging fintechs.
• Attitudes towards application programming interfaces (APIs).