Evaluating ERP Software - The 6 Key Decision Drivers - White Paper by SoftResources

If you ask the right questions of software vendors you will collect the right information to make an informed decision when selecting an ERP solution. The software should provide you with more than a basic functional fit, it should provide a strategic advantage to drive efficiency and expand your business. You are buying a tool that you can use to support the business functions of your company and give you a competitive advantage. Because the technology business environment is constantly changing, evaluation of the software vendor is as crucial as the evaluation of the functionality. The right implementation partner brings experience, industry knowledge, best practices, and technical capabilities to the table. You should regard your ERP software as a key component of your organization that requires care, maintenance, and upgrading. By focusing on what you need and understanding the total cost of ownership of your software options, you make sure you pay the right amount for your software. When all six decision drivers are used, you gather the information you need to give you confidence that you have made the right decision.