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ADDACTIS Worldwide

 ADDACTIS Worldwide, an European leader in consulting services and actuarial software.
 ADDACTIS Worldwide addresses the needs of the insurance profession through its innovative strategy and the reliability of its professional software packages.
 ADD because we are constantly on a mission to add value to your activity.
 ACTIS makes reference to our roots in the actuarial industry and our passion for actionable solutions.
 Worldwide because we are committed to international development.
 A unique approach in Europe

ADDACTIS Worldwide is the only European - based consultant actuary to provide both expert consulting and software.

As the European Insurance sector is facing the implementation of Solvency 2, clients expect both:
 Comprehensive understanding of the directive, its concepts and how to apply it to local conditions.
 Software packages that comply with the needs of traceability and productivity of actuarial works.
 A proven recipe!
 Innovative solutions and expert actuaries are the cornerstones of ADDACTIS Worldwide ongoing success, with over 100 clients in Europe.