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CUSIP Global Services

CUSIP® is the universally accepted standard for uniquely classifying financial instruments across institutions and exchanges worldwide. The CUSIP system provides identification and descriptive information for over 10 million financial instruments supporting all phases of securities processing and analysis. From the front-office to the back-office, financial professionals rely on the origin and accuracy of CUSIP information to run their businesses smoothly and reliably

CUSIP: A common language for common markets

As we look ahead at opportunities in OTC derivatives, private markets, and physical precious metals, it’s clear the spirit of innovation and continuous reinvestment on behalf of the financial industry lives on at CUSIP Global Services. With insight and guidance from the American Bankers Association…

CGS ISIN Master File

The CGS ISIN Master File contains all ISINs assigned by CUSIP Global Services (CGS) in its role as National Numbering Agency for the United States and substitute National Numbering Agency for Canada and more than 30 selected countries, mostly in the Caribbean.