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Founded in 1990, FinancialCAD Corporation (FINCAD) serves institutional and corporate participants in the global financial markets. FINCAD's mission is to make better decisions possible by making complex finance easy, affordable and widely available.

FINCAD has become the industry standard for financial analytics providing derivative analytics tools and services to tens of thousands of financial professionals in more than 4,000 organizations located in over 80 countries around the globe. In addition, FINCAD's alliance partners embed FINCAD's financial analytics as a standard part of their more than 70 software solutions used by thousands more users in a wide range of financial organizations throughout the world.

We provide valuation, pricing, risk assessment, cash flow forecasting and regulatory compliance tools to banks, investment fund companies, professional service firms, governments and others; helping them:

• Better manage financial risks,
• Increase investment returns,
• Reduce the cost of borrowing,
• Lower the cost of raw materials,
• Compete more effectively in multiple currencies.

FINCAD is organized to be the most efficient vendor in its markets so that we can deliver unparalleled value and service to our clients:

• We employ a high degree of automation in software building, quality assurance and delivery; and
• We use an effective and economical sales and client services model that results in;
• An unrivalled reputation for responsiveness and professionalism.

We enable our clients to satisfy their increasingly demanding trading, risk management and regulatory requirements while also meeting their economic realities of limited internal resources and reduced budgets that are present in every industry sector today.

FINCAD's clients only pay for the technology they use and not for a vendor's expensive business model.