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Premia Partners

Premia Partners is an investment manager dedicated to Asia ETF & smart beta investment solutions. We founded the firm on 3 core beliefs:

  1. There is enormous scope for innovation in Asian ETFs and opportunities to introduce global best practice to the region
  2. Asian investors shouldn’t have to trade in New York or London to find the best products the ETF industry has to offer
  3. Asian investors deserve better solutions than available today and technology allows us to make them a reality

Working with leading global thinkers and institutions, our goal is to be a trusted ETF partner for investors by providing best-in-class ETFs, a range of ETF tools and solutions, and an efficient technology platform that enriches and empowers our partners and investors in Asia and for Asia.

We are focused on 2 main businesses to start:

  1. Creating best-in-class Asia listed ETFs that deliver Asia exposures not available today
  2. Solving the complexity of the global ETF industry for Asian clients