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Risk Books has been a world leader in specialist books on risk management and the financial markets for over 15 years. Risk Books is proud to be a niche publisher that has quality as its top priority.

Our mission is to produce books that truly add value by delivering the very best information on our specialist subjects. And with more than 150 different titles currently in print, Risk Books covers a wide range of technical subjects for academics, practitioners, investors and corporate users - ranging from derivatives, hedge funds, quant analysis, credit, regulatory issues and operational risk to the energy, insurance and currency markets - with books for experts and scholars alike.

All Risk Books are written and edited by leading professionals and academics. It has been the enduring goal over the years to establish relationships with writers and editors of the highest calibre, and produce books that make a genuine difference.


Risk Management for Insurers

The insurance industry is facing turbulent times and risk management is at the top of the agenda. This is particularly the case in Europe, where the introduction of Solvency II will drastically redesign the supervisory rules for regulatory capital for insurance companies.

Risk Model Validation

Senior management are expected to make crucial business decisions using complex risk models. Controversial discussions concerning the use of risk models during the financial crisis, and the new regulatory framework, have highlighted the need for a consistent approach, and the dangers that exist.

Longevity Risk

Around the world, a structural shift in demographics is taking place: people are living longer. While an increasing number of people look forward to retirement the implication for firms, funds and governments with hundreds of billions of dollars in defined-benefit pension scheme liabilities is…