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Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters are the leading source of intelligent information for the world’s businesses and professionals, providing customers with competitive advantage. Intelligent information is a unique synthesis of human intelligence, industry expertise and innovative technology that provides decision-makers with the knowledge to act, enabling them to make better decisions faster. We deliver this must-have insight to the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, intellectual property and science and media markets, powered by the world’s most trusted news organization.

The Quest to Stop the Creative Rule Breakers

This whitepaper highlights how research findings have identified forms and patterns of rule-breaking behavior in the financial markets. The paper also considers the darker side of recent findings, some of the games of compliance noted by researchers, and looks at a few common behavioral effects…

Global Conduct Risk Report

To support the financial services industry in its management of conduct risk, and enable firms to benchmark their own practices against global peers, Thomson Reuters has undertaken its first survey dedicated to finding out how the industry is defining and dealing with conduct risk. The responses…

How to Manage Liquidity Risk

Effective management of liquidity risk is more critical now than ever before. The consequences of failure are not simply lower profits: they are far-reaching and highly destructive. This article discusses how this risk can be controlled and turned into a strength for financial institutions.