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ZyLAB’s industry-leading, modular eDiscovery and enterprise information management technology puts you in command of boundless enterprise data in order to mitigate risk, reduce costs, investigate matters and elicit business productivity and intelligence. ZyLAB straddles the convergence of information management and eDiscovery to keep your content assets (and liabilities) in order and to cost-effectively mine them when an investigation ensues. The eDiscovery experience often triggers a broader information management initiative championed by executive leadership. While the ZyLAB eDiscovery & Production system is generally implemented to investigate a specific legal matter, it is a solid and robust foundation from which to pursue proactive, enterprise-wide objectives for information management. Those broader goals are achieved through the use of the ZyLAB Compliance & Litigation Readiness system.

Preparing organisations for future litigation

This paper discusses how bringing eDiscovery in-house now helps to prepare organisations for future litigation. There are many similarities among the technologies & processes used to respond to specific legal matters & foster proper information management that simplifies future litigation responses.