EDM client case study: Managing SRI-ESG data

To support its strategic focus on SRI-ESG (socially-responsible / environmental, social and governance investing), Mirabaud Asset Management required the ability to navigate large volumes of security-level data from a number of specialist providers. Mirabaud worked with IHS Markit's Enterprise Data Management (EDM) team to address this challenge and establish a strong foundation for the firm's long-term SRI-ESG strategy within its existing implementation of the EDM platform.

This case study reveals how:

  • EDM has enabled Mirabaud's SRI-ESG team to work efficiently with 5,500 data fields covering 30,000 securities and 300 countries
  • The SRI-ESG solution was delivered in less than two months
  • A reference table has been created to enhance usability by highlighting the 500 most important data fields
  • Pivoting functionality has been added to makes it easier to digest data that comes in a vertical format
  • The firm now plans to plug the SRI-ESG data into its order management system and reporting tools
  • And more