Eurex Clearing offers more ways to rein-in risk

The leading European clearing house, Eurex Clearing, has been performing real-time risk monitoring since June 2009. In the first phase, it was introduced in order to enable more timely risk management calculations on the part of the clearing house to monitor clearing members’ risk exposure. In March this year, Eurex Clearing led the industry in introducing the same real-time risk management for clearing members and their associated trading members. The clearing house provided a brand-new way of keeping a handle on intraday risk levels via its risk interface Enhanced Risk Solution. With the introduction of that feed, Eurex Clearing became the first clearing house to offer members real-time risk monitoring data for derivatives. Delivering risk data to members via the Enhanced Risk Solution replicates the granularity of the clearing house’s risk calculations on the member side so that members have better oversight and control of their own risk.