Bloomberg Ready to Support Buy-side in Valuation & Collateral Reporting under EMIR

Back in February this year, buy-side institutions and their bank counterparts were required to start reporting derivative trades and positions under EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation). Bloomberg moved quickly to provide its EMIR reporting solution under this first phase and is already supporting customers for phase two of EMIR-namely, valuation and collateral reporting, which commenced 11 August 2014.

Like the trade reporting requirements introduced back in February, this second phase requires both the fund manager and broker/dealer to report the valuations of all derivative trades to an appointed trade repository at the end of each day. This next phase of reporting is placing a greater operational burden on fund managers, who are required to report mark-to-market valuations on all outstanding exposures to their counter-parties, as well as reporting on all collateral that has been exchanged.

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