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CUSIP: A common language for common markets

As we look ahead at opportunities in OTC derivatives, private markets, and physical precious metals, it’s clear the spirit of innovation and continuous reinvestment on behalf of the financial industry lives on at CUSIP Global Services. With insight and guidance from the American Bankers Association…

CGS ISIN Master File

The CGS ISIN Master File contains all ISINs assigned by CUSIP Global Services (CGS) in its role as National Numbering Agency for the United States and substitute National Numbering Agency for Canada and more than 30 selected countries, mostly in the Caribbean.

Seeking Signals from ESG Data

In this paper, we show that applying Gradient Boosting Trees to Bloomberg's own ESG dataset allows us to create an equity port- folio with higher return and lower volatility than its benchmark Russell 3000 Index. We also investigate the interpretability of our model using SHapley Additive…

Portfolio Vault

Extend your Portfolio Analytics workflow, adding persistence, validation, and pre-calculation to create a consistent and repeatable data distribution process.

Winning Investment Strategies Demand Powerful Solutions

FactSet serve all areas of the financial industry, helping you stay ahead of global market trends, access extensive company and industry intelligence, monitor portfolio risk and performance, and execute trades. Their comprehensive data feeds, desktop analytics, web and mobile applications, sell-…

TLM® Reconciliations Premium

The solution focusses on ease of use and simplicity, while a sophisticated layer of AI promotes business user independence and facilitates self-service. These advantages, combined with the solution’s ability to rapidly onboard a broad range of reconciliations, and a range of persistence options,…