Harvard Business Review: Living in GDPR's World

Harvard Business Review provides a fresh take on GDPR in its new report, “Living in GDPR’s World: How Companies Can Survive and Thrive under a Demanding New Set of Data Privacy Rules.”

What you’ll get from this article that you’re unlikely to get from others: 

  • HBR’s characteristic depth and sophisticated insights on GDPR and its implications for businesses.
  • A candid discussion among legal/GDPR experts interviewed for the article of the risks associated with noncompliance. 
  • An assessment of GDPR’s potential impact on corporate governance and board-level subcommittees. 
  • A look at which important countries outside the EU are considering using GDPR as the model for their data privacy laws. 

Of course, you’ll also get an overview of the new EU data privacy law and the challenges it presents, along with four detailed recommendations for GDPR preparation.